All our products and treatments are carefully chosen for their quality and effectiveness as we believe our clients deserve the best !

They include many well known and highly respected brands such as St Tropez, Orly, Bio Sculpture, Nailtiques, Monu, Ilah Brows, Metique, Skin Base, Epilpro, Smile Quest etc


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St Tropez ultimate Air
Classic & Express tan


St Tropez are proud to be the number one tanning brand chosen globally by professionals, celebrities and beauty editors alike.

St Tropez tan is a natural looking tan to suit every skin tone. It is streak free, long lasting with even fade. Aromaguard virtually eliminates the self tan aroma. It has a 100% natural self tanning agent and is sulphate and paraben free.

St Tropez has won a total of 85 awards worldwide and is a name you can trust

Orly & Orly Gel FX

In 1975 Jeff Pink founder of Orly created the French Manicure and since then has created a well known and highly respected brand with a polish range full of the classics, the revolutionary and the all time favourites

Orly Gel FX is no ordinary gel manicure system.Antioxident vitamins A and E help to promote healthy nails while pro-vitamin B5 protects the structure of the natural nail.

Orly Gel FX will not damage your nails and gives you up to 2 weeks of amazing colour and shine.

Bio Sculpture

Bio Sculpture Gel is applied as an overlay onto natural nails. The permanent colour gel is strong and flexible with a glossy finish lasting up to 3 weeks. Bio Sculpture gel is an advanced nail treatment that conditions and strengthens nails. The flexible coating moves with the nail, protecting them whilst allowing them to grow without breaking. Bio Sculpture has a 5 star saftey testing rating.

Bodywyze is proud to say that we have made it  onto the Bio Sculpture recommended salons list.

Monu Skincare
Ilah Brows

A concept created by award winning beauty artist Tahira wells. Its the ultimate hairdressing for brows.


The Red Carpet brow treatment consists of tinting through a stencil, chosen to suit your face shape, trimming, waxing and plucking,  then if needed the application of Ilah brows semi permanent makeup leaving you with fuller, perfected and more defined brows. And whats more you can choose from a 10 minute foot and leg massage, a hand and arm massage or neck and shoulder massage whilst your tint is on.


The 24hr brow treatment consists of an eyebrow shape using the above techniques then an application of semi permanent brow powder through a stencil.


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From the finest natural ingredients to the highest professional skincare and treatments, Monu Skincare strives for the highest standards.

Monu believe that natural beauty is best achieved through the use of pure ingredients that provide natural care for the skin. Our unique formulations utilise the special properties of plants and herbs, minerals and essential oils.

Monu bring out the best in you using the best in nature. As you would expect no Monu formulations contain damaging chemicals, artificial perfumes or synthetic colours nor do we test on animals.


Skinbase Microdermabrasion

Skinbase Microdermabrasion is a safe, controlled treatment that intensely exfoliates and resurfaces the skin. It's the leading skin care treatment in the UK and Ireland for complete skin rejuvenation.

A vacuum action lifts away the debris stimulating the blood flow and encouraging collagen and elastin formation that results in firmer, revitalised and youthful looking skin. Ideal for acne scarring, pigmentation and dull, tired skins

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Body Ultimate
Non Surgical Facelift

The Body Ultimate facial toning system uses Faradic and Galvanic micro current-pulses to stimulate and gently lift and tone facial muscles, so improving the contours of the face, refining skin texture whilst reducing fine lines and wrinkles before leaving the skin rejuvenated.

Ideal for under eye bags, frown lines, lip and mouth lines, hard leathery skin, jowls, double chins, sagging brows and lids, fine lines and wrinkles.


A course of 6 to be taken over a month is recommended for optimum results.

Bodywyze Signature Treatment

Our Signature treatment is designed by us for you.


This devine treatment starts with a  facial for your skin type including a massage and hot lime compress then whilst you are drifting away with a face mask and heated wheat bag under your neck and shoulders your therapist will move to your feet. After a mandarin exfoliation they will perform a blissful foot massage and finish with heated bootees. If that wasn't heavenly enough You will then recieve a back exfoliation, massage and hot towel.


Breath in the devine sent of Lime, Ginger & Mandarin whilst you escape from the stresses of everyday life with this unique and heavenly treatment

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage uses soothing oils and warm basalt stones to relax your muscles allowing for a deeper and more intense massage

Your therapist will use a variety of strokes and techniques to massage you working the stones over the kinks in your muscles.

The warmth of the hot stones improves circulation and calms the nervous system producing a deep relaxation.

Lux Candle Massage

The Lux Candle massage is a unique treatment that uses the innovative Lux massage Candle. The warm oils and natural butters are drizzled over the skin to melt away tension and delicately nourish the skin

Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy uses essential oils extracted from flowers and plants with an aim to balance the emotions and improve general health and wellbeing. Your therapist will carefully choose a blend of essential oils to address yor symptoms or mood.These are added to a carrier oils and applied to your skin through massage.

Feel yourself relax and unwind whilst the suble aroma of essential oils fills the air.

Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage is a deep style of massage devised form the Ayurvedic tradition that focuses on the head, neck and shoulders. The massage helps to release blocked negative energy. Using an essential oil mix the massage starts with the upper back, then moves on to the shoulders and upper arms followed by the neck, head and scalp.

An Indian Head Massage is the ideal way to get a person "out of their head"far far away from everyday emotional and mental stress.


Reflexology is a relaxing and non-invasive therapy that works on pressure points on the feet to relieve sources of discomfort in other parts of the body,allowing the whole body to be treated through the feet.

It is an effective means for promoting good health and relieving stress

Hopi ear candles

Hopi ear candling is an ancient and natural therapy handed down by many civilisations and was used by the Native American Hopi Indians of North Arizona.

The process involves placing a specially designed hollow candle just inside the ear canal. The candle is then lit and the resulting gentle suction draws the impurities from the ear. The rising air gently massages the ear drum. The whole experience is deeply relaxing and calming. A soothing sinus and facial massage concludes this relaxing treatment

Epilpro hair removal

Epilpro is a revolutionary,progressive,permanent hair removal system based on safe sound energy to remove your unwanted hair from your face and body.

Epilpro uses sound waves and static energy to destroy hair at its root. There is no risk of damage to the surrounding tissue and each hair is removed in a fraction of a second.

Epilpro is the superior alternative to conventional electrolosis.

Free consultations are available.

Lycon Hot Wax
Flirties lash lift and colour boost

Lycon hot waxes are a low temperature formula.They shrink wrap to remove hair and do not stick to the skin so are more gentle. Infact Lycon hot wax can be reapplied to the same area many times without the wax feeling too hot and without skin trauma or irritation. They are excellent for sensitive areas and perfect for G- string waxing as they are less painful.


Enhances your natural lashes

Lifts lashes and adds definition

Fuller and longer looking lashes

Colour boost for added depth

Lasts upto 6 weeks

No maintainence

Comfortable, stunning, natural

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Flirties Semi permanent eyelash extensions

Flirties has become known as one of the most reputable brands when it comes to lash enhancements and the range of high quality and innovative products has been voted "best product" for several consecutive years by professionals.

Flirties lashes are perfect for all ages as they look and feel so natural. They can be worn every day aswell as for special occasions such as weddings. Wake up every morning with perfect lashes and never have to bother with mascara again !

Flirties classic Semi Permanent eyelash extensions are individual synthetic mink lashes that are applied to the natural lash as a one to one basis. They will thicken and lengthen your natural lashes whilst looking as natural as possible

They are available in different lengths and thicknesses to suit every lash type.

They are virtually weightless and do not damage the natural eyelash, you will soon forget you are even wearing them !

To maintain the fullness and condition of the lashes it is recommended that they are infilled every 2-3 weeks

FREE aftercare kit with your first full set

A patch test and consultation is required a minimum of 24 hrs prior to the appointment.


Russian Volume  (sometimes called 2-6D lashes) is an extremely advanced technique that uses multiple ,ultra fine lashes to create a fan.

The fans are then applied to a single natural lash 

All fans are handmade at the time of application and create extra fluff, coverage and fullness

Fans can be made up of 2-6 lashes ie 2D-6D and come in different lengths, curls and thicknesses to suit the client

Using fine lashes allows us to create fullness without causing any damage to the natural lash